Moonlight Poncho by Nomads Hempwear

Nomads Hempwear


Dream a little Boho dream with this amazing hemp and organic cotton cowl poncho in our new chunkier basket weave knit. Oversized turtle neck and slightly longer hem in the back make this the hemp-comfy slouchy throw-on for all occasions the must have piece of the season.

What we say:

I know you are looking at this thinking: could this possibly be as awesome as I think it is? Yes. Yes it can. So much cozy hempy comfort going on here, married with gahhhhhhhh stylish love. What does that mean? We can’t tell you because we are too busy living our best lives snuggled up in our hemp ponchos. That good. Really

Why did we make this moonlight poncho out of hemp and organic cotton?

Because hemp is simply the best. It feeds the earth it’s grown in. It doesn’t need any chemicals to be made into fibre. It grows faster, with less water than cotton. Hemp rocks. If you don’t believe me read this.