Method Pants by Nomads Hempwear

Nomads Hempwear


Forbidden love in a pair of built for comfort and drenched in style thick bamboo terry and organic cotton pants. Distressed seams, classic holster lines at the thigh, and faux knee patches give these a subtle space cowgirl vibe. Nice big pockets with two rivets in the front, and rear. Add a little method to your madness.

What we say…

Ok these are really leggings with pockets rather than our more traditionally cut pants. If you are larger thighed, you will want to size up because the upper style seams across the mid thigh are quite sturdy and can press in. Very cozy for the cooler season.

Why did we make cowboy legggings out of bamboo terry?

Because we love this gorgeous play ground called planet earth, and we don’t want to be a part of killing it just to look cool.Since our inception we have continued to explore and experiment with sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Soy (among others). All Nomads Hemp Wear clothing is also certified Fair Trade.