Axiom Leggings By Nomads Hempwear

Nomads Hempwear


Axiom Leggings

It goes without saying that these are the must-have bamboo leggings of the decade. We couldn’t fit a single other detail on these leggings if we tried –they are loaded: zippered leg pockets, this seasons signature diagonal textured seams on the knee pads, and snaps down the army-style faux gaiters. One of our all time best-sellers.

What we say:

We are always looking to expand our repertoire of leggings. Why? Maybe it’s because we are always expanding our repertoire of boots…boots and leggings are the perfect everyday uniform from riding your horse, to a night out boogying. If you are ever going to get stuck in a zombie apocalypse, a durable pair of leggings and a good solid pair of boots can’t really be beat. We love bamboo for our bottoms, because bamboo is amazingly soft while being very durable, and it holds its shape and colour the best out of all other sustainable fabrics we have found.

Why did we make these must-have leggings out of bamboo & organic cotton?

Because we deeply love this blue ball on which we all live. We got into hemp years ago because we learned how much easier it was on the planet, both to grow and to turn into fabric. Since our inception over two decades ago, we’ve continued to look for the best – natural- sustainable, and fair trade ways to produce the clothing that we love to sing, play and dance in.