Worship Dress by Nomads Hempwear

Nomads Hempwear

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Hemp has long been left out of the cult of beauty; we’re here to change that. Organic pleated dress with industrial zipper and Nomads pull tab clings to the body like something grown not sewn. Ballet straps and a looser skirt take this dress from your skateboard to your boardroom.

It’s edgy, sexy, and made of our favourite fabric. We didn’t used to be able to make clothing like this out of hemp, the fabric was too bulky, and didn’t hold it’s shape well. After years of working with manufacturers, we have developed our own hemp and organic cotton fabric. It keeps it shape and colour better than any other hemp stretch fabric we have found so far.


28% Hemp, 67% Org. Cotton, 5% Spandex Jersey – 240g/m